The 36th Annual  

Commercial Landscape Awards


Top Three

Best of the Best!

 Oley E. Rooker Library

 U.S. Pizza in the Heights

Southwest Power Pool



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Little Rock City Beautiful Commission 2015 Landscape Awards

Nominations will be open May through August 2015 and the awardees will be announced in October at the City Director's Board Meeting.

Little Rock City Beautiful Commission 2015 Landscape Awards

In May 2015, the Commission will be requesting nominations for the 2015 Landscape Awards. Download the 2015 Nomination Form.

In 2015, the Little Rock City Beautiful Commission will announce its nomination kickoff for the 36th annual Landscape Awards. These are given to businesses that go beyond the City's requirements to develop or improve their landscaping.

While its easy to see landscaping as merely icing on the cake, research has shown that its impact has much more depth. Landscaping can increase property and resale values, lower energy costs, improve business and sales, and create positive perceptions for areas.


2015 Landscape Awards

October 22, 2015


Top Three “Best of the Best” 2015

Oley E. Rooker Library

11 Otter Creek Ct. 72210 / Ward 7 - B.J. Wyrick


 U.S. Pizza in the Heights

5524 Kavanaugh Blvd, 72207 / Ward 3 – Kathy Webb

 Southwest Power Pool

201 Worthen Drive, 72223 / Ward 5 – Lance Hines 


The Landscape Awards Competition presented by the City Beautiful Commission involves commercial, institutional, multi-family or subdivision development projects within the “City of Roses”.

2014 is the 35th Anniversary of this competition.

Nominated landscape developments must be in place one year and have demonstrated excellent design, implementation and continual maintenance including voluntary upgrades or enhancements that have gone beyond the city requirements. Previous winners are not eligible again for five years.

These awards started in 1979 to acknowledge and encourage excellent landscape projects in the City.

ALL Landscape Award Winners 1979-2014


Little Rock City Beautiful Commission (2014):

Ed Peek/Chair, Steve Homeyer/Vice-Chair, Wally Loveless, Treasurer,

Lynn Mittelstaedt Warren, Carrie M. Young, Cassie Toro, Chris Morgan, Chris Hancock, Bill Wiedower, Chris Minor

Landscape Award Chair: Steve Homeyer
City Support Staff
: Tracy Spillman
Board Liaison
: Director Dean Kumpuris, MD

Thank you to our 2014 Sponsors
Flowers donated by City Director Stacy Hurst / Tipton & Hurst

Poster photo credit (Clinton Children's Library): Timothy Hursley


Watch the presentation of the awardees at the Board of Directors Meeting video 

Photo Credits

Provided by Timothy Hursley, Tracy Spillman