The 36th Annual  

Commercial Landscape Awards


Top Three

Best of the Best!

 Oley E. Rooker Library

 U.S. Pizza in the Heights

Southwest Power Pool



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This award was introduced in 2002

by former Commissioner Ann Ivey

and is two-fold:

  • It recognizes individuals/groups in the city that have promoted and improved the landscape in the City
  • It recognizes beautiful residential yards and resident's dedication and hard work to improve the landscape of our City

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AWARD: Description
The receipent receives a certificate signed by the commission and the mayor and a yard sign to display in their yard for 1-2 months. In 2008, the yard sign has been renovated to be recycled by the awardee when done in their curbside recycling bin.

Open to Public Nominations
Nomination Process:

Click here for the Nomination Form

Fax nomination form to: 501-371-6863

Email the nomination info to: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Phone message the nomination info to: 501-371-4864

Mail nomination form to: City Beautiful Commission, Planning & Development Department, 723 W. Markham Street, Little Rock, AR 72201


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2003 - 34 

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2008 - 21

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LIST of Residence Awardees for 2015

Media Relations Piece about the Program:

KATV Saturday Daybreak Show, June 1, 2013

Hit the Saturday Morning Show Tab and go down to the

Eye of the Beholder Segment, bottom right corner. 

Photo credits:

Award winning yard by a historic house in the Quapaw Quarter 

photo by former commissioner Kay Tatum, and 

another award winner yard at 2920 Millbrook Road  

photo by nominator, Cindy Dawson (neighbor)